About Us

Here is a little insight into who we are at GemEarth, what we do and most importantly what we offer our buyers.


GemEarth is a family run business with over 34 years of experience in the coloured gem and jewellery industry. Originally from the U.K., we are now located in Thailand, one of the biggest coloured gemstone hubs in the world. We have the privilege of dealing with an eclectic mix of nationalities plying their trade on a daily basis. What started as a fascination for the beauty of coloured gemstones has progressed over the years in to a successful family run business. Our love of gemstones has allowed us to travel around the world and encounter an amazing array of coloured gems and form long-lasting friendships as well as business relationships. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our buyers a professional and efficient yet intimate buying experience to make their transactions as smooth as possible from start to finish.



We have access to an extensive range of natural precious and semi-precious coloured gemstones from around the globe. Our contacts range from some of the biggest gem companies/dealers in the world to individual brokers. We are also in direct contact with a number of proprietors that own old and new mines on several continents. Extending from Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to Sri Lanka, Africa and as far away as Brazil, our far-reaching network provides us with access to the finest gemstones on Earth.
Our aim is to offer our customers fine quality coloured gemstones and bespoke jewellery at affordable prices. Because of our extensive networks, we are able to bypass additional costs that lead to inflated prices. This allows us to offer high quality gems at very competitive rates.
GemEarth has also been trading in gemstones for about 16 years on eBay. Our sales to date are in excess of $1 million. We have built up a substantial customer base over the years, with thousands of satisfied buyers. We are extremely proud of our impeccable reputation and feedback on eBay. The drawback of selling on eBay are the fees; we can offer our gems at a lower price here on our website as we cut out fees associated with selling on eBay.



All our gems are natural, earth-mined specimens. We do not sell man-made, synthetic or lab created pieces. All gems on our site can be certified as natural by reputable gem labs. Our more exclusive gems come with a free lab certification report for buyer’s peace of mind. Any gems that are not certified, our clients can request certification at their expense. We will charge the lab pricing with no extra costs added. We will disclose any treatments that our gems have been subjected to, such as heat treatment, in our listings. We also have a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graduate gemologist (GG) on our team that double checks the authenticity of our gems before we purchase them.
All our gems have been meticulously chosen from millions of stones with our main focus being on quality of colour, cut and clarity. We have lapidaries that can offer precision / custom cutting designs that make our gems stand out from the standard native cuts that tend to be far less attractive and inferior. Our jewellery will range from one-off bespoke designs to signature "Gem Earth" pieces all finished to the highest possible standards.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, we look forward to assisting you further in your quest for fine quality gemstones or jewellery.


Photos from one of our many trips to Ratnapura, Sri Lanka to visit a friend in the industry.



Pre-forming blue sapphires direct from the mine in Ratnapura