F.A.Q. Our Gemstones

Q: Are all of your gems natural?

A: Absolutely. All of our gems are natural earth-mined gems. We do not sell lab-created, synthetic or man-made gems.


Q: How do I know if a gem has been subjected to any form of treatment or enhancement?

A: We provide full disclosures in our listings if a gem has been subjected to any form of treatments or enhancement.


Q: Can you verify the authenticity of all your gems?

A: Yes. We certify our more exclusive gems free of charge and a lab report will be shipped with the accompanying gemstone. If a buyer would like lab reports with any of our other gems we can have them certified at a reputable gem lab. We charge only the lab report cost with no mark up.


Q: How can I be sure that your gems are accurately represented?

A: We have decades of experience in the gem industry. All our gems are professionally graded and represented to the best of our ability. We have a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graduate gemologist (GG) on our team for gem authenticity purposes and professional gem industry grading.


Q: Are the photos of your gems and jewellery enhanced?

A: We photograph our gems and jewellery using standard lighting. We use lighting to provide the most accurate representation of gemstones including any flaws or inclusions, if any, in our gems. We use basic macro photography for our photos; therefore, some inclusions seen in our photos will be impossible to see with the naked eye or under 10x magnification. We also use basic Photoshop tools to crop and edit our photos. We strive to get as true a representation of our gems as possible. It is inevitable that there may be some slight colour differences in our photos to a gem in hand due to various colour settings on different monitors, tablets and mobile devices; however, our goal is to provide the most precise depiction of any gemstone.  Our business relies on customer satisfaction and loyal clients who return to us again and again for their gemstone needs.


Q: What if I have any questions regarding any of the above or something else related to GemEarth?

A: Please contact our support team at customersupport@gemearth.com with any issues or questions@gemearth.com with any queries and we will reply at the earliest possible opportunity. Please take into consideration any time differences between your location and Thailand.